Lilah Plaggemars, Lansing + Michael Brancaccio, Saugatuck

Executive Chef, Bowdie's Chophouse Lansing

Lilah Plaggemars

My passion for the culinary world began at a very young age, getting my mixing arm from baking cookies with my mom to watching hours of Emril Live and Rachel Ray on Food network. As my love for pastries grew, I started my own business at the age of thirteen creating gourmet desserts for friends and family. I attended the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education where I graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts. During this time, I mentored under the renowned Chef, Angus Campbell. Upon graduation, I moved to Hawaii to intern for the esteemed restaurant, Merriman’s, in Kapalua , Maui. There, my love for fine dining was born. As the executive Chef of Bowdie’s Chophouse Lansing, all my culinary worlds came together, the best ingredients, excellent service, and gourmet desserts. My goal is to bring Bowdie’s to the forefront of the Lansing culinary scene. Let us be the destination for your special occasion or your everyday fine dining experience, hope to see you soon.

Executive Chef, Bowdie's Chophouse Saugatuck

Michael Brancaccio

My journey in the culinary world started long ago on a step stool in my grandfathers kitchen. The only people allowed in his kitchen were the ones that wanted to learn, and ask questions. In those moments is were I found true heart and passion for food. My family was poor and struggled, but we always found a way to make nothing into something that was worth sitting at the table for. I always loved food like I loved family. Now I work hard to make sure my family won’t go through tough times to enjoy cuisine. Growing up on the wrong side of New Jersey, I learned Italian food, then worked with enough dirt bag chefs to memorize the flavors and techniques of the best French cuisine. I have pushed myself to find the best flavors beyond the two cultures. Now, I am here where I belong to help prove Bowdie’s Chophouse has the brightest minds and the purest drive to make an everlasting mark on the culinary world. I will not stop until we are all you know as the best in steaks.

The Staff

Our talented staff has been selected because of what they individually bring to Bowdie's. Their impeccable service, culinary, and bartending skills make dining experiences that our guests remember. We appreciate all that they do. Thank you to the crew for everything that they do on a daily basis!