About Bowdie's Chophouse

From escargot to ceviche to seared pork belly, there’s something to whet your appetite.

To start, you’ll want to try any one of their excellent appetizers. Then, for those seeking something a little on the lighter side, a selection of soup and salads as well as lighter entrees like salmon or a roasted half chicken are available. But, for the true essence of Bowdie’s Chophouse, you’ve got to experience the wonder that is their steak.

The Experience

Bowdie’s Chophouse is the type of high-class quality you’d expect to find in Lower Manhattan. When you walk in, you’ll first notice the rustic elegance in the woodgrain and leather appointments. The more rustic elements are perfectly contrasted, and therefore complimented, by the elegant tableware and black linens. This is your first signal that you’re in for incredible quality food.

Bowdie’s represents quality food paired with exceptional drinks served by best-in-class staff.

This formula is the outcome of Scott’s passion for steak and his experience with Chicago-style dining.

Our First Location

Founder Scott Bowdish

Scott Bowdish, owner and founder of Bowdie’s Chophouse, is a lifetime entrepreneur with a passion for food — especially steak. He ventured into the entrepreneur life at a young age, selling pagers out of the trunk of his car at flea markets. Over time, this led to him owning a cellular store, which then led to two stores, then three and eventually over thirty stores across the Chicagoland area.

“After successfully owning cellular stores for over 25 years, Scott craved a new direction in his life.”

Scott’s love for food led him to dine at some of the most respected restaurants around the country and experiment with all kinds of dishes at home ranging from Indian cuisine to a carnivore’s dream. Since Scott and his wife Lisa lived downtown Chicago, they would sometimes dine out 5+ times a week and — when it was his turn to choose — they were eating at a steakhouse. This led to Scott’s discovery of his ultimate passion, which was steak.

After he sold his cellular stores in 2013, he and his wife decided to relocate to their summer vacation town, Saugatuck, MI, where they realized something was missing. In 2014, Bowdie’s Chophouse of Saugatuck opened its doors to locals and visitors from all over the Midwest.