What Makes Bowdie’s Chophouse the Best Hilton Head Steakhouse?

Want to try the best steakhouse Hilton Head Island, SC has to offer? Look no further! Bowdie’s Chophouse has quickly become one of the best rated steakhouses in the area, thanks to not only our high-quality, hand-cut prime steaks and seafood but the high-class experience you get with every visit. 

Bowdie’s Chophouse is the type of luxury restaurant you’d expect to find in Lower Manhattan— and it’s only minutes from the Sea Pines Resort, your favorite golf courses, and all the attractions Hilton Head Island has to offer. Our steakhouse has indoor seating only, private dining, wine lockers, full-service bar seating, and booth and table seating.



Get to Know Our Hand-Cut Prime Steaks

10 oz Filet

Meet the flagship of our line of prime cuts! Our 10-ounce barrel cut beef tenderloin is aged to perfection for the best flavor and tenderness possible. This filet is special, with a deliciously mild flavor and amazing buttery texture.

14 oz Bone-In Filet

Our mouthwatering 14-ounce Bone-In Filet is the quintessential cut for those who prefer the tenderness of a filet mignon but desire the added flavor imparted by cooking with the bone.

18 oz Kansas City

Our 18-ounce Kansas City Strip Steak is perfectly aged and finely marbled to give you the robust flavor and tenderness that makes Kansas City famous for its beef.

26 oz Cowboy Ribeye

Our Cowboy Ribeye is a 26-ounce bone-in prime ribeye cut. This rib steak features the highest level of marbling available for rich, full-bodied flavor. The rib bone is “frenched” which makes for a spectacular plate appearance and flavor.

36 oz Tomahawk

Each hand-cut, 36-ounce Tomahawk is richly marbled with a huge spinalis cap surrounding the ribeye steak which is attached to a long, exposed bone. Each steak is the width of a rib bone, resulting in a generous, thick cut.

40 oz Porterhouse

Weighing in at a massive 2.5 lbs, our 40-ounce Porterhouse is a composite steak that’s derived from the point where the tenderloin and top loin meet. If you were to remove the bone and cut out the two steaks that make up the porterhouse, you would get a tenderloin steak and a New York strip steak.



Why Do People Say We’ve Got The “Best Steak on HHI”?

At Bowdie’s Chophouse, high-quality, hand-cut prime steaks are our expertise and our passion. Each steak is carefully considered and cooked to perfection, ensuring you get the best flavor possible. 


Here’s what you can expect from us: 


      • We handpick each cut of meat. We are picky with our meat selection, looking for high-quality color, pristine marbling, and the right fat distribution.

      • We always serve fresh, USDA prime steaks. We steer clear from frozen steaks in order to preserve the taste and quality of our premium beef. And with USDA prime rankings, you can expect the highest level of marbling in every cut. 

      • We always serve thick, premium steaks. The thicker the steak, the more time there is to caramelize the outer crust, resulting in a perfectly cooked steak every time. 

      • Our steaks are perfectly aged. The longer a steak ages, the more flavorful it gets, providing a robust and earthy flavor that meat lovers crave.

      • We only cook with tongs. Tongs protect the meat, making sure no juices are lost. 

      • We always give our steaks time to rest. Our steaks rest both before and after cooking to ensure they are both flavorful and juicy when your knife hits the plate.  

      • Just butter and salt. A high-quality, hand-cut prime steak doesn’t need much more than that. The salt helps to seal in the juices while butter creates the perfect sear and flavor.



    We’ve Got the Best Steak in Hilton Head!

    Don’t believe us? See what people are saying:

    Dave S.
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    “Best steak on Hilton Head Island. The quality of the meat was excellent - not too dense, nicely marbled, and only minimal seasoning to allow the great taste of the cut of meat to be enjoyed.”
    Greg F.
    Read More
    “The food was fantastic. My wife and I randomly chose this restaurant, but it coincidentally became our best experience while visiting Hilton Head.”
    Kaiser S.
    Read More
    “Best restaurant on Hilton Head Island. Perfectly cooked steaks every time. Incredible hospitality. It's our go to for guests in town, date night, client dinners.”
    Bartek C.
    Read More
    “Definitely the best steakhouse on HHI.”
    Cat S.
    Read More
    “Out of all the states and restaurants we've been to, this one by far was the best. It was a wonderful experience and will definitely go back.”
    Jim K.
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    "Wonderful food and service. Best steak and overall meal I’ve ever had in HHI."

    Give the Best Steak in Hilton Head Island a Try Today!

    Bowdie’s Chophouse delivers exquisite cuisine, exceptional drinks, and unparalleled service for a luxury experience you won’t forget. Perfect for date nights, business dinners, or late-night cocktails, it’s the type of high-class steakhouse that will only leave you wanting more.

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    Sun-Thu: 5pm-10pm

    Fri-Sat 5pm-11pm



    11 Palmetto Bay Rd #104

    Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

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